Monday, May 24, 2010


Geocaching has suddenly become more popular in the household.  I don't have to sneak off.  This probably has something to do with one of "A"'s friends being a geocacher so suddenly "A" sees it as a cooler activity than when dad wants to do it.

Yesterda after the IRB Sevens "A" wanted to do some caching.  We found one next to the Thames in a lovely spot - recommend a visit to Marble Hill park.  The went for a bit of a drive.  After a while I stopped to see if there were any nearby.  And there was.  In a wood.  We set off, followed a good path.  And discovered that this wood was quite marshy.  The path was OK but if you strayted off then there were overtones of episodes out of Lord of the Rings.  We were successful in finding the cache, which is good news.  Possibly not so good was that there were mossies the size of zeppelins, very hungry mossies the size of zeppelins.  Now, I have always been one of those people that mossies, midges, and any other blood sucking bug, think look like meals on wheels.  They home in on me, whcih is good news for any companions as they are left alone.  Today my legs are one inflamed mass, and there are sore marks on my back and my arms.  I was eaten alive.

Mind you, I ge the last laugh.  I'm still on warfarin.  I wonder what a mouthful of that stuff does to a mossie!

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