Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Open Sesame

It's All About Respect

There are some things in this world that should be "no-brainers". The Gurkhas are one of them. It is really so simple. If you are willing to die for a country then you should be allowed to live in that country.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not So Level

Well a big thank you to the BBC. Anyone watching "Ashes to Ashes" tonight will have had their negative preconceptions of the masons well and truly reinforced. I may feel a little miffed at this point.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boxers Lose Match

Debenhams have announced that sales of Y-fronts are up 35% during the recession. And, indeed, the last time the Y-front outsold the Boxer was during the last recession. This seems somewhat strange. WHy should a recession affect the style of undergarment. I ahve a theory. When things are going well, then people feel free and easy. Therefore they like their bits to be free and easy as well, leading to boxers or even commando style. In a recession everything feels rather tighter, rather more restricted, so the underwear follows suit.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Find Me

Someone I know is able to write apps for the iPhone. This is very clever. What he lacks is ideas of what to write. I suggested a tool for Eddie spotters. I am sure you know the game, made famous by Ben Elton, look out for Eddie Stobbart lorries, gain points by being the first to spot them (my record is over 60 on a trip to Scotland, I lost count in the end). And each Eddie lorry has its own name as well (always female, initial single names, then double names, now on to Polish). So I thought that there were all kinds of things you could do - how many Eddies to the mile, a forum so you can check where someone last saw "Anne-Marie", post photos of your favourite Eddie. The possibilities are endless. And, of course, no-one would lie about how many they spotted (maybe photographic proof would be needed). Finally realised though that the prospective audience for such an app may be very low, as indicated by the Venn diagram below:


Anyone know how I can make a Venn diagram and then insert it in to a blog post? (It's the insertion bit rather than the Venn diagram bit that I am struggling with).

Friday, April 24, 2009


Those who know my political leanings will guess that I think increasing the income tax is a bad thing. But ignore the fundamental philosophy for a moment. I have heard it said that this will lead to a drain of the talent from the city. Surely it's the so called talent that got us in this mess in the first place!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney - One Moment In Time

Amazing how similar they can be:

Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been getting a bit of a routine going at the gym. After using the equipment or swimming I use the spa and sauna. I convinced myself that it was good for the muscles and helping me cool down. Hence I was rather disappointed tonight to realize I had left my speedos at home. And while I am not too shy I felt that the rest of the club didn't deserve THAT much of a shock so felt I should give the spa a miss. And I have discovered that I was right. The spa/sauna does help the wind down. In fact it makes a big difference. As demonstrated by the fact I later had problems getting up the stairs. I seized up. WD40 is required.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hush - Deep Purple

I got a certan little girl shes on my mind
No doubt about it she looks so fine
Shes the best girl that I ever had
Sometimes shes gonna make me feel so bad

Hush, hush
I thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, hush
She broke my heart but I love her just the same now
Hush, hush
Thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, hush
I need her loving and Im not to blame now

(love, love)
They got it early in the morning
(love, love)
They got it late in the evening
(love, love)
Well, I want that, need it
(love, love)
Oh, I gotta gotta have it

Shes got loving like quicksand
Only took one touch of her hand
To blow my mind and Im in so deep
That I cant eat and I cant sleep

Hush, hush
Thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, hush
She broke my heart but I love her just the same now
Hush, hush
Thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, hush
I need her loving and Im not to blame now

(love, love)
They got it early in the morning
(love, love)
They got it late in the evening
(love, love)
Well, I want that, need it
(love, love)
Oh, I gotta gotta have it

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Cardiff vs Gloucester in the EDF final (rugby if you have to ask). The Anglo-Welsh cup. And the Blues trounced Gloucester. Down at Twickers. Watching what was a fantastic match. Yes I would think that because my team won. But the reality is that the Blues played a wonderful, spell-binding game. Beautiful passes. Wonderful tactical awareness. You don't see rugby of this calibre often. I took 212 photos of the day and have subsequently deleted 102 of them, but that is the advantage of digital.

And the important thing is I can say, I was there.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Life is nothing if you don't let it be an adventure

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Two weeks in and I am still going to the gym. In fact I may have gone from one extreme to the other. Swimming Monday, gym equipment Tuesday, Tai Chi Wednesday and equipment again today. I have even made a "Gym" playlist for my iPhone, although it needs a bit of tweaking to get the right songs on it (I had to remove the Daniel Powter song tonight, it didn't have enough energy to it). I ache, especially my calves (that was the Tai Chi, an hour of standing with your legs bent). And I am really not enjoying the treadmill, it isn't nice on my shins. The rower is fine, the hand bike I enjoy, the bike is OK, the X-trainer acceptable. But the treadmill is horrible. Despite the aches I feel good. And what is really exciting is if I manage to get down to Royal Mail tomorrow they are holding two parcels for me, some clip-on ear phones (Sony MDR-AS20J) and an arm band to hold the iPhone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


According to my daughter I am like a big teddy bear to cuddle. I really don't need to blog anything else for the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Burning Up

This morning on Radio 4 they were interviewing a climate protestor who was in support of the planned attack on a coal station. They want all coal power stations closed down immediately because of damage to the climate. Which sounds great, but if done overnight then where are we going to get our power from? There seems little question that we need to move away from fossil fuels, but we can only do that when an infrastructure has been put in place to take up the needs. Otherwise we don't have enough power. And without enough power, people will die. It isn't exactly a thought through policy.

As it is they are targetting EON, and blaming the company. Actually EON have a green option, we are on it, and it ensures energy comes from renewable sources. But the thing is, not enough people are willing (or able) to pay the extra. Don't blame the company for supplying what is demanded, first you need to convince the public of the need. Once the public are paying for the green policies then the companies will follow. They are simply reacting to market forces, and the biggest demand is currently for fossil fuel power.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Take That

So Gordon has expressed regret for the personal attacks made by his aide. Or rather, like previous Labour misdemeanors, has basically expressed regret at being caught out. And once again Gordon knew nothing about it. I am beginning to think he knows very little about what his MPs and their advisors are up to. We have heard that he knows nothing about it so often in the last 12 months that you have to wonder what he does know about. I so love that he has asked the Cabinet Secretary to tighter up the rules on what politicians and aides are allowed to do. This shouldn't need to be a rule, common decency should be enough, respect for our fellow man no matter his political leanings should be enough. No, this is the way they are lead, these people follow their leader, and their leader is down to agressive dirty ricks becasue he realises that the game is up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hup Two Three Four

So I survived the induction. Although he made me a programme and introduced me to the various pieces of equipment he didn't make me do it all there and then. But I tackled it this morning. While the treadmill was not an attractive sight I did at least complete the course. In fact may even have to increase one or two sections.

During the induction I was asked why I had joined. To lose weight and to get fitter were my replies. He was quite a good trainer and immediately said he didn't think talking about weight was a good target, it is more to do with proportion and image. Which makes sense to me. So he wanted a target. I thought a bit then decided the best target, if we weren't talking weight per se, was to aim at getting a couple of sizes down in the trouser waist area. Then he waned to know what my target for fitness was, what did I mean by more fit. That is somewhat harder, I don't exactly want to run a marathon or to climb Everest. I was a bit stumped for a while. Finally I came up with something. I explained that I do support and security work at some festivals over the summer. So the target fitness is to be able to run after, and catch, the bad guys!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hup Two Three

I just thought I should let you know that you may never hear from me again. In ten minutes time I start my induction at the gym. There is a good chance I won't make it through. In which case, farewell dear friends, farewell cruel world, farewell to all. If I see the light coming for me then I am going to run for my life (although that might be why I am seeing the light in the first place)

PS - it only seems fair not to keep you all in suspense and to let you know I am still here (not that I was deluged with notes of concern anyways)

Almost Something About Mary

The following will not be in good taste, may be inappropriate, and certainly is not for those easily offended. Consider this a warning, and I will leave a spoiler space so you don't inadvertently read on.

I use an electric razor. It is a very clever one. It incorporates a lubricant system which pumps out Nivea shaving conditioner at the touch of a button. There I was this morning, minding my own business and having a shave. I heard someone knocking at the door. As I was the only one in the house I rushed downstairs. It was someone wanting to trim our conifers. Fine, had a bit of a chat, said goodbye, closed the door, and went back upstairs. Then I looked in the mirror. And I feel that answering the door, half dressed, with globs of creamy white stuff over my chin and cheek may not be exactly the kind of image I generally wish to portray.

And if you don't understand the implication of that last sentence then, fine, my mind is clearly more base than yours, and I refuse to go in to explanations :-)

Nothing Sweet About Me

The first time in over ten years that we aren't going to Dartmouth on holiday, and Paington Zoo have tiger cubs. Typical.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Do Not Pass Go

Followers of my Facebook updates will already know I had a nightmare (or even a McVicar) of a journey. Considering the short distance travelled set against the long time taken, it may even be the worst I have ever had. I normally get in to work at 0800 hrs. I left home at the normal time today. And didn't get in to the office until 1045 hrs. I spent a rather long time sitting in a rather major traffic jam on the M1. And it could have been avoided if they had only turned on the hazard sign at the sliproad on to the motorway. Instead they waited an extra 500 yards or so to warn you, ie once you were completely committed and couldn't back out of it.

What those wwho follow my Facebook won't know is that it was actually worse than that. An hour into the epic journey my mobile rang. It was home. Wondering if I had meant to leave my laptop sitting on a side table! The answer being, if you hadn't guessed, NO.

Do you ever feel on some mornings that you were't supposed to get out of bed.

Monday, April 06, 2009


At the risk of going against public opinion, I just don't get the Jade Goody thing. I cannot understand why so many people were at her funeral, why so many people were so upset, why so many felt they had lost a close relative.

She was an enormous character, that is true. As much becasue she manage to understand how to use the fact that people laughed at her. She was the 21st century version of a clown. From the moment she was spotted on Big Brother she had utilised the attention. No-one has been more famous for not being famous. Or more famous for saying the most ridiculous things. And I don't begrudge her that. She came from a very poor background. It was good that she managed to find some pleasure, even if it was often at her own expense.

What she was able to do was to manipulate the Eastenders culture. She turned her life into a story, and people wanted to see more becuase it made them feel big, made them feel that at least they were better, more intelligent, than Jade.

But the modern world seems to have lost a sense of proportion. We saw it when Princess Di died. And we have seen it since, in things like the Maddy case. We have moved to a mass emotion, where the vox populi sheds its tears as one, where if one person bleeds then we all do. And it is strange. Where most of the time we won't even talk to our neighbour we are able to feel utterly distraught and bereft over someone we don't know. Maybe, dare I say, we would be better learning how to be ourselves and to help each other, than to rely on an event to bring us together and make us feel worthwhile.

Friday, April 03, 2009


There are many miles to walk. Sometimes it is neccesary to keep to the wide road, well lit, many people brushing past you. Other times you have to take a detour, dive off into the undergrowth, place your feet on virgin soil. Others may occassionally go your direction, a special someone may even walk the rest of the way with you, some you thought were friends may disagree on the route, or even simply get lost. But there is never any point in thinking back and wishing we had taken another turn. It is human nature to wonder "what if", to imagine the unicorns you may have seen had you gone a different way, but it is destructive to wish to see those things that may never have been on the path anyway.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


It can be very difficult to find anyone that you want to win on The Apprentice. Often it is more a case of who you don't want. Followed by disappointment when Sir Alan doesn't care that the canapes are made out of cheap food. It can also end up difficult to even feel sympathetic to those companies who agree to be guinea pigs. And last nights episode was a case in point, I almost felt sorry for them as their fnction was ruined by tinned tuna, but the woman in charge rather blew it by refering to a slice of tomato on the floor as a "health and safety issue". Sorry, no sympathy left now.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Partisans Daughter

Well that didn't take long did it. I started reading it last night and I have already finished. Wonderful tale. And strange, because in many ways nothing happens. But gripping. Every page holds you, makes you a part of it all. I do wonder if it is very much a male book, would it speak to a woman in the same way. It might. And I wonder how much it was because it spoke to me, where I am. Someone else may not feel it in the same way. But try it at least.