Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The "Stay at Home"

There is a risk that starting a blog is simply a method of creating an avenue for ranting. Is that a risk or a benefit?
We are having a conservatory fitted. This is undoubtedly "a good thing". I have spent 6 years (basically since we moved here) complaining about there not being enough space. Well, as we can't afford to move (possibly not entirely true, there might have been some bad accounting by me that miscalculated what we could afford) a conservatory is the next best thing. And it will look good. But when we arranged it we were categorically told, and I double checked on this, that we didn't need to be at home while they did it. So why did I spend most of today at home, why do I have to stay at home tomorrow morning, why do I have to be at home on Thursday afternoon? It appears that a categoric "you don't need to be at home", actually means "well, you will while they sort out the patio doors, and of course when the electrician comes around and....". .


A simple hello to start. I suppose I am coming to blogging late in the day, as a gadget man (recently discovered cube world, great fun) I should have been here earlier, but better late than never. Only right then that I come straight in with the beta version.
Anyway this is me (look up a bit, that picture, yep that's it). A few people who know me may be rather surprised. I suspect that no-one who knows me from Greenbelt would expect me to have a suit, much less actually wear it. Hey, it's only in the last couple of years I bothered shaving while at Greenbelt! Also might be a bit of a shock for some of those at work, I seem to go out of my way not to wear one (although a few have even seen me in my DJ). Anyway, I can smarten up when I want.