Friday, April 03, 2009


There are many miles to walk. Sometimes it is neccesary to keep to the wide road, well lit, many people brushing past you. Other times you have to take a detour, dive off into the undergrowth, place your feet on virgin soil. Others may occassionally go your direction, a special someone may even walk the rest of the way with you, some you thought were friends may disagree on the route, or even simply get lost. But there is never any point in thinking back and wishing we had taken another turn. It is human nature to wonder "what if", to imagine the unicorns you may have seen had you gone a different way, but it is destructive to wish to see those things that may never have been on the path anyway.


Rainbow dreams said...

well put...
It's strange and never fails to amaze me though that as we carry on walking things appear that we would never have dreamed possible and we can never know what really is ahead.

It works the other way round too and a very good friend of mine always reminds me to just 'meet my bridges as they appear'...he is the most relaxed guy I know and the most together person, just wish I could do it more!

Merlin said...

Oh I agree with that, don't worry about bridges that might not be ahead, just deal with those you have to cross. Even if you can see a bridge in the future your path may still take you a different route before you get there.