Friday, October 22, 2010

Ship Ahoy (or No)!

I looked up the definition of asute.  I found "having or showing shrewdness and discernment, especially with respect to one's own concerns".  Which makes HMS Asute's name even more ironic.  Here we have a state of the art nuclear submarine, designed to outmanouvre the keenest of the enemies navy and it can't even get out of the way of an island.  It is supposed to be able to circumnavigate the globe underwater but actually getting underwater seems more of a problem.

It certainly seems that Skye boasts a grudge against the navy as this isn't the first time a sub has run aground there.  Perhaps this is an attempt by scottish nationals to develop their own navy by hijacking some passing submarine.  In fact, quite a few of the navy's subs have had collisions in the last 20 or so years.  Maybe they should be fitted with hazard lights.

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