Saturday, August 27, 2011

Follow The Yellow Umbrella

While it isn't actually quite that bad, as the day progresses we decide that we really aren't the right people for a guided tour.  We are taken to some interesting places - a lovely church in a mountain village (which, rather strangely, has the original banner of Richard the Lionheart from the Crusades), some ruins, a monastery - but we don't get long enough to explore as we would like to.

Lunch is in another mountain village.  A special dish of chicken and pork.  While we are there we see the only rain of the holiday.  Well, the other two saw, I experienced.  We were at a table under a roof but with no walls.  I was right up against the edge so the very heavy rain managed to get my right side soaked.  Once the rain stopped then I dried off quickly as it was still a hot day.  Being a mountain village the restuarant was on a slope.  This meant that we were sitting level with the rooves of the houses next to us.  It was fun to watch the cats walking over the rooves next to us and stopping in case anyone wanted to throw them a piece of chicken.

Finally we are back to the hotel.  Junior is happy because all day she has been wanting to play with her friend.  And they are there, playing around the pool.  We leave them to it and chat to the other parents (having got the obligatory beer from the bar).  As we are chatting the children go down to the beach and sit on some of the loungers.  Something catches the corner of my eye.  I look again.  Yes, definitely.  "Dolphins" I shout and everyone rushes down to the sea to watch these beautiful creatures swim passed.  Dolphins silhouetted in a sunset, a wonderful way to end the day.

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