Sunday, February 05, 2012

What Goes Up Must Come Down..

or in the case of Anglian Conservatories, what goes up must start to fall down after a period of 6 years and then we will let the house owners complain for approximately 8 months until they start to get threatening at which we will delay for just long enough until the snow is due and then knock it down and leave them with a big hole in the ground, cats stuck in a cattery, and no easy access to the washing machine!


Not having a good time with this at the moment.  The middle of last year we noticed that the floor was a good inch below where it should be in our conservatory and that there were gaps to the outside world around the door.  This didn't look good.  The conservatory was still under guarantee so we called Anglian.  Who sent someone.  Who said, "oh yes, that's not right, I'll have to get someone else to look".  Who finally came out after a couple of weeks and said, "oh yes, that's not right, I'll have to get someone else to look!".  After trying to blame nearby trees and the flower beds they finally got someone to drill an inspection hole.  Hey presto, the foundations weren't dug properly.  Months of haranguing finally lead to me telling them in no uncertain terms that if my daughter got injured by falling glass then I would unleash the wrath of hell on them.  They agreed they had better rebuild!  I sent them a nice email pointing out that our cats would have to go into a cattery so we needed warning of dates and that I expected them to pay.  No reply to the email, but instead a phone call saying that they were coming the next day!  Luckily a friendly local cattery helped and the cats were dispatched.

Builders turned up and made a comment about this happening a lot around here, clearly a dodgy set of builders a number of years ago.  They proceeded to demolish the conservatory and did a good job.  The foundations are now twice as deep as they were previously.  Problem is that the weather has turned for the bad so work has halted.  And the cats are still at the cattery.  Oh great! 

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