Friday, February 04, 2011

Top Gear

So the BBC have apologised for some comments made in Top Gear about Mexicans. Now I haven't heard the comments but I watch enough Top Gear to know what they will be like. Which is kind if the point. Because if the BBC start apologising for comments on Top Gear then someone in their communications department has a full time job ahead if them. I doubt that there is any group that HASN'T been insulted on the programme. In fact, it's probably an insult NOT to have cruel, snide or bitter remarks made about you.

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Sarah said...

I didn't see the episodes so am basing my opinion on what I've heard and read in the news. I think what was said was pretty nasty. And 'they're always like that' isn't much of a defence really. I love some of the stuff they do on Top Gear - the one where they had to do a festival was hilarious - so they can be funny without resorting to lazy and offensive stereotypes - I just wish they'd do it more often.

Merlin said...

I wasn't defending them, simply pointing out that if the BBC think they need to apologise then they are going to be REALLY busy