Monday, January 31, 2011

Out-grouching the Grinch

I had to head home from work as I realised I was getting grouchier by the minute and my brain was doing less and less work and more and more cussing.  Ever have those kind of days.  It started badly with a 25 minute delay on the motorway.  For some reason I find delays beacuse of rubbernecking a LOT more irritating than because of an accident on my side of the motorway.  So when I found that this one was just down to rubbernecking I was less than pleased.  Then delays to meetings at work, for good reasons, but meant my day was disrupted.  Attempts to buy tickets online for the Saints quarter finals were also more complicated than they should have been - I seem to have bought tickets but no idea where we are sitting or if we are eventogether or how much they cost!  Then a computer that was more happy crashing than running.  Add into that I seem to ache just about everywhere - even my teeth are painful - then all in all this would have been a day better avoided.

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