Sunday, February 15, 2009


I can't think of anything interesting today so, an idea from another blog, 25 random things about me

1) I love reading. Anything. Just anything. There are very few books I haven't finished. So few you could count them on one hand.

2) At home I leave things lying around everywhere but at work my desk is one of the neatest you will find

3) I describe my work as fun, as a challenge, and exciting. It can be one big adrenaline rush.

4) Dr Who scared me when I was younger (but actually until I was older than it really should).

5) I love fast rides at funfairs.

6) While inwardly very content with myself, I spend the day-to-day being insecure

7) My daughter is the most important thing I know in the world. A hug or kiss from her makes my day right.

8) I am extremely pleased I have started riding again. The main question is how long can I hold out before I buy a horse.

9) I try to have no regrets. There is no point regretting things that are done. Learn and move forward.

10) I want to sky dive and to go in a hot air balloon.

11) I have flown both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and still want to complete my helicopter training.

12) My favourite whisky is Highland Park

13) I managed to go through all of university (5 years for the vet course) without a girlfriend. That rather goes back to number 6.

14) I love to cook. I find it relaxing. The only problem is that I generally don't work to recipes so it is very difficult to recreate something that is exceptionally good.

15) For someone who has an opthalmology certificate I am surprisingly bad at fixing things with my hands, DIY is not a strong point (hence I love Ikea, designs so simple even I can put them together).

16) I am regretting saying that this was going to be 25 things.

17) I love photography. My photo diaries on Facebook are the longest held New Years resolution I have ever made and kept.

18) About 16 years ago I went to Canada and saw killer whales. This remains one of the best experiences of my life. Especially as we were out in a yacht so the orcas came up to us and swam under the boat. As I was leaning over one surfaced and "blew", bascialy a whale sneezed on me and it was great.

19) I want to get a tattoo of a wolf on my shoulder. Just not been brave enough yet.

20) Women scare the hell out of me, which again goes back to 6 and 13. And yes, if you are reading this, this means you too.

21) I am proud to be a Mason. I recently joined Rose Croix which was an incredibly moving expereince. I understand why some people are worried about masons, why some think masonry is bad, but my own experience is that it makes one contemplate life and has the potential to make each of us a better person.

22) My father died when I was 9. I can't say what effect that had on my life. But I am proud to call the man who is now married to my mother "my father" (as well as brother, companion, and knight in arms - he is a mason).

23) I support Cardiff and Wales when watching rugby. I know nothing about football. Cricket I enjoy, although it can be a depressing experience watching England play. I have more than a passing interest in ice hockey.

24) I trust people when I meet them and will always give them the benefit of the doubt. If they break that trust then I will forgive, but not usually forget.

25) I find it difficult to go to bed before midnight, and this has taken me to that time, so good night.


Rainbow dreams said...

I chickened out of this on facebook - it's still pending!

Love your whale story, wow...
and if you want a tattoo just go do it, though that is so easy to say when it's not me going through the pain!

Not sure what to say about women being scary - some scare me too at times..but some of us are ok surely...?

Merlin said...

As the days move on I find myself thinking "o I wish I had said that". But it is a kind of mid dump of where I was.
Some women can be ok AND scary. It is possble to be both. The scariness comes from me, not them. Certain insecurities that are always just under the surface and tend to drown out the me that I am comfortable with.

Rainbow dreams said...

I get that... it makes sense, you aren't alone with that kind of feeling either