Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Joke

Dr Alan Maryon-Davis (UK president of the Faculty of Public Health) on Radio 4 this morning was trying to argue that the nanny state has not gone far enough. This is a poor argument, generally it has already gone too far. The problem with a nanny state is it allows us to devolve responsibility to others. Nothing is out fault anymore because we should be told how to live. It is a shocking opening to the clip. Jonathon Humphries comments on schools closing because of the snow, certianly something that rarely happened when I was in school but seems ever so much more common now. And the reason, according to Maryon-David is because people are suing the school if they have an accident when they are taking the children in. This is ridiculous. I am stunned that people think they could have the right to sue the school. I am even more amazed that the courts (using tax payers money) will actually allow the case to proceed. Time to stop.

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