Sunday, February 01, 2009


This is a transcript of my conversation with Bullguard about the logon security problem. It may have worked so I put it here for any of you with a similar problem.

[]: Hello
[Berndt]: Hello, welcome to BullGuard Live Support!
[]: Thank you
[Berndt]: IPlease give me more details bout your encountered issue and I will help you.
[]: My computer freezes when it boots. I believe this is connected to the BullGuard software
[]: It has been a long issue and I did fix it for a while by turning off Windows Defender
[]: But it recently started again and the only way I can now get the computer to work is turning off Bullguard
[]: When computer has frozen if I Cntr-alt-del then I get the message "Logon process has failed to create the security options dialog"
[]: I did wonder about downloading version 8.5 but I am not sure what version I am running. Under account it says "latest version installed" so does this mean it has automatically updated to 8.5?
[Berndt]: For what I understand, you are using the Windows Vista operating system. Is that correct?
[]: Yes
[Berndt]: OK. Please follow these steps:
[Berndt]: A) Disable Windows Firewall (if active):1. Click Start > Control Panel > Classic View > Windows Firewall.2. Select the Off option and press the OK button.
[Berndt]: (Make sure that Windows Defender is turned off again)
[Berndt]: B) Disable Windows Defender:1. Click Start > Control Panel > Classic View > Windows Defender.2. Click Tools > Options.3. Scroll down the panel and untick the "Use Windows Defender" option.4. Click Save to confirm the changes.5. Click Start > Run.6. Type "services.msc" and press the OK button.7. Locate Windows Defender, right-click on the service and set the Startup Type to Disabled.8. Close the panel.
[Berndt]: C) Disable the User Account Control feature (if active):1. Click Start > Control Panel > Classic View > User Accounts.2. Click on the "Turn User Account Control on or off" option.3. Untick the Use UAC box and press OK to confirm changes.4. When prompted, restart your computer.
[]: Doing fine until 7, I can't see startup type when I right click[]: Start up tupe is automatic, but right clicking doesn't seem to give iption to turn off
[]: Hold on, got it
[]: Needed to go into properties
[Berndt]: OK.

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