Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Contain Nuts - John O'Farrell

I found this particularly disappointing. Having been lent it by a friend with good reviews I was expecting to be laughing out loud. Instead I read something that simply tried to play on stereotypes. And in doing so was a grotesque caricature. The idea that public schools are only interested in themselves while comprehensives try to bring out the most in children are completely opposite to my own experiences. It portrays the middle class as striving to achieve more while not looking for the enjoyment in life. I found it directly insulting, not because of the subject but because of the approach.

Now, considering other reviews I have seen, I will probably be accused of being a middle class snob. However I don't push my daughter to do what she doesn't want. I try to give her some "whatever" time (although she is the one always wanting to be on the go). When she wanted to stop ballet then it was her decision. And when it comes to school I want her to have the best education, and when I say best I mean the fullest, including understanding the world around her.

You will laugh if you have an axe to grind, or a chip on your shoulder. But anyone who wants to see the best in peopple and not to pigeon hole them will struggle.

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