Friday, May 23, 2008

So La

I am looking forward to Eurovision tomorrow night. I have got over the disappointment of the Irish turkey (Dustin, see below) not making it through the semi-final. It is such a strange event, and at moments quite unbelievable. But for a while I have been trying to understand the block voting. Countries that have been at almost eternal war and who you would imagine have no love lost between them seem to go and give each other maximum points.

It's been explained in a way I can understand today. It is a result of countries not being able to vote for themselves. So what happens is the votes go to the biggest minorities in each country. Who are the biggest minority in Germany - Turkey, so they get the points. Who are the biggest minority in Latvia - Russia, so they get the points. It all now makes sense (well, the voting if not the music).


Sarah said...

I hated Ireland's entry and I was glad they didn't get through. I didn't see Thursday's semi - I stayed at home and filled in my CRB form instead - but am very much looking forward to tonight!

Merlin said...

I think Irelands entry is so weird that it goes through hate and comes out the other side.