Sunday, October 26, 2008

What To Wear?

McCain must be regretting his choice of Palin as a running mate by now. Not that we are, too much entertainment, but if he thought he would make things more stable he was wrong. The idea of bringing in some youth to counter his grey hair, and a female to get the Hilary vote could still backfire. But as it backfires it will also bring a potential smile to our faces.

The revelation that this hockey mum has spent $150k on clothing does nothing to reflect the "in touch" feel that they were after. And I rather like the Republican excuse that a third has been returned which, it then transpires, is purely because it was the wrong size. As repossesions are on the increase and peoples savings are cut down by the credit crunch, there is some pain in hearing that a nominee has spent more than a mortgage on clothes alone. The smile has a certain degree of irony to it, but there is a smile none the less.

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