Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Becoming a Knight

A wonderful night as I joined Rose-Croix this evening. Or, to give it the full title, Knights of the Pelican and Eagle, and Sovereign Princes Rose-Croix. So this means I became a Knight and a Prince.

This rates as one of the best nights I have had in Freemasonry. I know some look at my masonic activities as weird. But masonry is about thinking about yourself, it makes you look inward, to consider your motives, and to reflect on being better. It is an allegorical play. I haven't completely taken in tonight, but it was incredibly moving.

A friend told me that the ceremony would be what non-masons would imagine we would get up to. I can see what he means. No, there was not a goat. And I didn't have to roll up a trouser leg (at least, not this time). But I know what he means. A lot of symbolism. And, interestingly, from the New Testament, my other experiences are Old.

I was (almost) speechless.


1 i z said...

Merlin my sweet and charming friend, I generally stay clear of this topic (I fear you wouldn't like my opinions as my experience of masonry has been a long, long way from positive and I have no desire to quarrel), but the comedy laws dictate that for once I break silence ;-)

To quote back to you:

"[I became a Knight] of the Pelican and Eagle"

"masonry is about thinking about yourself"

Not with any sense of perspective?

I mean, do you really want to say this stuff in public about a subject you obviously care deeply about? To people who delight in mickey-taking of all forms come August? Is it strictly speaking wise? ;-)

After all the amazing thing about a pelican...

Eagle I grant you has a degree of dignity, but pelican??? All I'm saying is that comedy animals might be better avoided...

Merlin said...

Hey, if I can bring some amusement to a long day then my work here is done.

Just because you want to be a meerkat.

However, I will stick up for the pelican. Very Christian bird the pelican. A host of symbolism to do with sacrifice (red tip on the bill meant in medieval times people thought the pelican cut open her breast and fed her blood to her young).

I do respect your opinions, but would hate to quarrel. I lost one friend when they found I was a Mason, don't want to increae the number. I would however be interested in your experiences. I judge masonry on my experiences. As with any group there are people I would prefer to avoid in it, there are people who are there for the wrong reasons. But I hope that people judge masonry by me rather than judge me by my masonry.