Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come On The Blues

I'm seriously getting back into my rugby again. For a few years following a team has been difficult. But I am managing to see a few more matches on TV, and there are some good summary programmes. As I live in Northampton I do support the Saints, but my REAL team are the Cardiff Blues, as I grew up going to every match.

They were playing at Gloucester today. That's a hard fixture. Always a hard place to win, Gloucester are a tough team, the supporters tougher. After 27 minutes Cardiff had a player sent off. We can debate whetehr or not it was really a head but, we can debate whether the Gloucester player took a dive, but wahtever it meant Cardiff were down to 14 men for the rest of the match. I almost gave up at that point. As it was we ahd to get in the car to return home. I managed to convince "A" to let me turn off the music when there was about 15 minutes of play left and I listened to the rest of the match. And, incredily, Cardiff won. I don't know what happened to Gloucester, they should have taken up the baton and run Cardiff into the ground, but in the last 5 minutes it was like Gloucester were the team with a man down. They were exhausted, and somehow Cardiff kept on coming, to be the only team to score a try in the match. A wonderful victory.

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