Sunday, January 04, 2009

Put Your Left Arm In

"A" had my private lesson today. She wasn't sure about having "K" as an instructor because I have commented before on how hard she works me, but I told "A" that "K" would be great. And she was. "A" ended up on Bubbles, who is almost as big as Midnight but right from the start "A" was smiling. And she ended up laughing during the lesson. After a lot of walking, changing rein etc, "K" got the lunge reins out. "A" has never seen these before so didn't know what to expect. They started easily with a bit of trotting but then "K" started getting "A" to let go of her reins, first with one hand, then the other, and then both. All the time continuing trotting. Luckily "A" seemed to trust "K" and did it. They turned it into a game, almost a Simon says kind of thing, toch you knee, touch you head, stretch to the side etc.

So I am pleased to reort that "A" has her confidence back. I am less pleased to reort that I know seem to have lost my instructor as "A" wants her all the time. Hard luck, I miss my riding.


Rainbow dreams said...

I am so pleased ...that is good news, can't you share "K"?

Merlin said...

Occassionally yes, but my fine plan is that "A" has a lesson at the same time as me. The moment that stops then I start to miss out. In another 6 months where "A" can hang around for 30 minutes without getting in to trouble then we can reconsider. in fact, I think group lessons are good anyway, she gets to see what others are doing