Saturday, January 24, 2009

Northampton 52 - Toulon 11

The second rugby match for "A". I was worried that the first would be a fluke and that she wouldn't enjoy this one. And at the beginning it didn't look good. She was more interested in her sweets to start with. Strangely she became much more interested in the second half. ind you, that was when we were running in all the tries! And we were at the right end, tries being scored under our noses. The important thing is that she said she wants to go to another match. This is looking good for me!

[Now, to be honest, yes I am supporting the Saints. But they remain my "second" team. I live here so I may as well support them. But really I support Cardiff. So I ahve to report that Cardiff Blues thrashed Calvisaro yesterday putting them at an untouchable top of the Heinekan Cup. And the only team undefeated. Yea]

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Rainbow dreams said...

Erm... sometimes we have to be interested in other things - and what sweets we have to eat during an outing are very important...and then we can get all involved when it heats up a bit
plus she is only how old?? When she gets older I am sure she will have reason to be very interested in whats going on, or who is on the pitch from the start :)