Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ring Ring

So I am the proud owner of an iPhone. What fun. Ignoring the fact that it doesn't have enough memory for all my music then generally I am very happy with it. And the music thing was always going to be a hard ask, I have almost 19gB = 463 albums = 11.5 days of music on the computer, and growing weekly if not daily. So I am going to have to get cleverer with rating songs and the iPhone will just have those of three stars or more.

For years I have been used to a Motorola RAZR, which was a beautiful phone (I had the one in red, lovely colour, the iTunes one) so this is a bit of a change. But it was dying. Been dropped once too often. And having it unlocked from my old networked didn't help it. So now it was often freezing, the quality of voice was dropping. It really was time to commit to something new.

And for a gadget man this is a great toy. Still trying to find aps, but I have found the one that can match up music titles to whatever is playing. It can even find Harvey and the Wallbangers songs, not exactly the most well known of bands. Then it will give you biographies of the group, discographies etc. Incredible. From an initial slight disappointment (I love my music and want it with me everywhere) I can see that this is just going to grow and grow on me.


1 i z said...

It does rather seduce you doesn't it?

Welcome to the club ;-)

Merlin said...

One rather annoying quirk, they seem to have changed the charging connector so my speakers don't charge it, although they play sound. Now need to look at buying some new travel speakers.