Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Do you or do you not believe in ghosts? I have spent the evening in a haunted pub. Honest. The ghost is called Mary. How do I know that it was haunted? Well, there were two bars, the "Vault" and the "Lounge". It was a quiet night so the door to the Vault was locked. And yet the pressure pad just inside, that rings whenever anyone enters the Vault, kept sounding. For 10 minutes, even possibly a quarter of an hour, there were regular buzzing noises. Until the barmaid yelled at Mary to stop. And then there were no more. Spooky.


Rainbow dreams said...

and Mary never answered back...or threw something across the room, or helped herself to a drink? boring ghost!! :) spooky though, very! I'm a real scaredy cat, not sure I'd have stayed!!

Merlin said...

Apparently she has thrown glasses across the bar but usually about 5-10 minutes before there is trouble, such as a bar fight. And she does call people by their name. But sadly nothing else last night. The pub is over 200 years old so no surprise that there is a ghost or three. Ithought it added character to the place.

Rainbow dreams said...

I'd think that too as long as I was with someone... am just naturally not good with things like that - used to hide when Dr Who was on when I was small!! :) She speaks?? wow!!