Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sleep Tight

It seemed such a good idea at the time. Move "A" into a bigger bedroom so she would have more space. First mistake was deciding this just AFTER have the landing redecorated. No pressure there then when I move the bed. Any damage to the paintwork and guess whose toast. Then the second problem was considering the practicality of the matter. "A" has a bunk bed, one of these bed on top desk underneath things. So there was going to have to be some dismantling first. The theory was a good one, take off the top, bed, part, it is so designed. And all was going well until I got to the last screw. And proceeded to strip the head off it trying to get it undone. So there is now no way of converting this into a low bed for a while until I can move the entire thing.

Hence discussion with daughter about what she wanted. To be fair as she has got a bit older her head has appeared perilously close to the ceiling at times. And too my relief she opted for wanting a normal bed. So instead of a fairly big struggle we went down to IKEA (I know, yet again, we are very good customers and have more boxes for recycling than the rest of the street together). It was an interesting experience, trying to get a 6 year old to choose a bed. But after over an hour we had narrowed the field down. And it was in stock. Great. Wife told me it wouldn't fit in the car, I said it would. We bought said bed. Got to the car. Whoops, car not quite as long as I thought. Not to be defeated I did get it in, but the boot didn't close, and "J"s knees were up to her ears the seat was so far forward.

Got it home. Put it up. And daughter now thinks I am wonderful and loves me dearly because she is in her new room. Still needs decorating, and discussions on that are on-going (the options being two pink walls and two purple walls, or all walls a light blue BUT with a rainbow and clouds and sun (actually at one point she wanted a sunset but I have convinced her that that is a bit too optimistic)).

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