Monday, March 30, 2009


The Jacqui Smith story is one of hypocracy in so many ways. For someone who has just been championing a move to stop the exploitation of women, her husband being found to have watched porn while she was away has to be embarrassing. For someone who has been trying to get rid of sleaze in politics then making the public pay for accessing the channels is even worse. And notice that while he apologised to his wife for embarrassing her, if you listen to what he says he doesn't apologize to us for putting it on expenses. He actually doesn't see what he has done wrong. Then you have politicians who think that they have a right to claim on expenses because they think that their salaries are too low. These are the politicians who are happily capping fireman, nurses, police etc. But possibly the biggest hypocracy is those who are shouting the loudest. Many of those papers expressing shock that he watched porn are owned by those men who also own the pay channels, who provide the programmes that they profess to be shocked by. We live in a world where irony is a way of life.

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