Monday, March 23, 2009

Suits You Sir

I have finally succumbed. It's taken over 8 years but I can resist it no longer. And what is "it"? Well, I am finally wearing suits to work. Today being the first day. Since I joined I have refused to wear a suit, on the simple enough grounds that "vets don't wear suits", even in industry. But at the weeeknd I went out and bought two new three piece suits (yes three piece, if it's worth doing then it's worth doing properly). I had to buy new suits, not because I don't have any (I already possessed three) but because I don't want to wear the same clothes both in and out of work. From now on it's the new improved (well smart) me.


Steve TR (Access) said...

Should we look forward to seeing the new smart you at greenbelt too?

Sarah said...

That would be amazing!!!!

Merlin said...

Believe me, I have been trying to convince Zippie for years that we should both turn up on the first night in black suits but he is no fun!